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Some People Take Issue With Ireland Baldwin Dressing as a Bloodied Sexy Schoolgirl, Just Because Her Father Shot and Killed a Co-Worker Last Week

Ah, to be young, super attractive and raised in luxury. To be "of the manor born," as they say. When you're the child of celebrity, when your father is one of the great actors of any generation, when that great genetic roll of the dice we all face saw fit to give you Kim Basinger's looks, you have the privilege of being called a "rude little pig" by Alec Baldwin for all the world to hear in your formative teen and still grow up to be an independent, successful woman. All that wealth, fame and good looks is a sort of armor you wear through life. It gives you an immunity from the harsh realities of existence that we commoners lack. 

And in Ireland Baldwin's case, that protective power of fame is being tested by the fact her dad accidentally shot and killed the director of photography on the set of a movie he's producing. 

NY Post - Alec Baldwin’s daughter Ireland has been slammed over her “tone-deaf” Halloween costume — in which she appeared along with her boyfriend oozing fake blood just days after her dad’s fatal on-set shooting.

“So we stayed in for Halloween this year. There are reporters and paparazzi hanging out all over my street being super fun and invading all my privacy which is always a good time,” the 26-year-old wrote on Instagram.

“We didn’t think we would celebrate, but we found some old costumes and blood, ate really good food, drank tequila, had a couple friends over, watched a scary movie and had 0 trick or treaters … How was your Halloween?" ...

“I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, what the hell is wrong with these people?” one person wrote on Reddit about the gruesome display.

 “It’s like I’m living in a f—- simulation where everyone is doing the most inappropriate thing possible,” another user said. “There are literally a billion other possible Halloween costumes. There is also an option not to post this s— online. How tone-deaf can you be?!”

A third wrote: “Just whyyyyyy??? Where is the compassion????? A woman is deaddd!! Your DAD CAUSED IT. Whether or not he was at fault is up for debate, but show SOME reverence!”

Oh come on now. Lighten up people. The whole point of Halloween is that for one night out of the year, you get to pretend to be whomever you want. And in Ireland's case, she's pretending to be someone who isn't related to a man who just accidentally put a live round into another human being. I mean, what do you expect her to do? Just dress as a Sexy Schoolgirl? Where's the Halloweenishness in that? That's the sort of role playing she and RAC can do any day of the year. October 31st is a night for making yourself up like the victims of a school massacre. Not dressing like you're cosplaying at a ComicCon. 

And is she supposed to not share it online, out of respect to the widower and the child left without a mother? Who's to say when "too soon" is too soon? And when you look as good as she does, the real "inappropriate tone deafness" would be keeping it to herself and her boyfriend. 

Maybe you could argue Alec and his family might have taken a knee on this one. But that's a big ask of a Boston chick who's spent her entire adult life lying about being from Spain and pretending that English is her second language. Let's just give them credit for sticking with child-appropriate costumes. As opposed to, say, Alec dressing as a cowboy with blood on his hands.

So you keep doing you, Baldwins. For the rest of the crowd complaining about the appropriateness of all this, just stand down. Let famous people be famous people on Halloween of all days. And join me in supporting Adam Carolla's idea where we replace the color codes on our nation's Terror Threat Level chart with the Baldwin Brothers, in ascending order of how insane they are. Only let's add some of the Baldwin women. By now, they've earned it.