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Moving Diaries Part 1

Friday, October 29, 2021

After a year of searching and preparing, I received the keys to my new apartment. I did a walk around, trying to think where I would put everything in my apartment. The new place has tons of cabinets and closets and a washer and dryer. It also has a dishwasher. I have never used a dishwasher before, so I will need to buy the pods for the dishwasher. It appears that cooking could be fun here with a modern stove and countertops to make the task easier. Not to mention the dishwasher that will make clean-up a breeze. 

Saturday, October 30, 2021

I have begun to buy items for the new place, including my first 12 packs of Diet Pepsi, which were the first thing I placed in the fridge. I also got some sandwich meet to have my first meal at the new apartment. I had the sandwich while I did a load of clothes. It is so lovely I don't have to go laundrymats anymore. Once I am moved in, I will have the pleasure of washing clothes as I please. I also purchased boxes to help in my move.

I got help from Bobby Rinaldi. I took my air conditioner out of the bedroom window and brought it into storage. I will not need it at the new place, as the new apartment has units in both rooms and ceiling fans. This place is genuinely modern in every way. I noticed the boxes are too big, Fuck, and I now need to buy smaller boxes that will fit my stuff better. 

The box had failed as I did not put enough tape on it, and the bottom fell out. This sent my Ronco to the ground. Fuck. I took several of my cooking gadgets on my first trip, including a pizza oven, a foreman grill an indoor grill. The indoor grill will not be needed since the new place will be installing grills outside. It will be so nice to barbeque and get a nice dog on a grill. I hope they are ready soon. The new place I live at is new construction, and it is not entirely finished, although the apartments are prepared for people to move in. 

I was able to fix the Ronco with some Krazy glue as the corner had fallen off, and the door now works again. I hope there was no damage to the machine itself, and I will try it out sometime in December. 

Sunday, October 31, 2021

It was NFL Sunday, and I had tickets to the Devils game. I watched the Dolphins play at Calabria's Pizza in Livingston. I enjoyed a nice crispy thin pie as the Dolphins lost. On the way to the Prudential Center, I dropped off a few things at the new place. I thought I was making good time, but the game was already started. I had thought the game was to begin at 7 pm. It started at 5 pm, and I got there for the second intermission. The Devils naturally lost in a shootout. They were not hitting one shot in the shootout. The Devils are incompetent in shootouts. They should just walk off the ice at the end of overtime because they have no shot even against a lousy Blue Jackets team. 

Monday, November 1, 2021

A day at work is over, time to go home and take my Starting Lineups to the new place. I purchased a cheap hand truck at Home Depot and got more boxes. I began looking up movers and made arraignments with FIOS to install cable and internet service on November 16th. The move date is set now to hire a mover. Still taking bids, I will try to move as much as I can on my own before the big move on November 15th. 

I get the starting lineups out of the old place and ready to go, when suddenly I realized I had left my keys inside. FUCK. I tried to get the keys first with a putter, damn it was not long enough. Then with a snow brush, ugh, it was falling short by a few feet. I had the idea of a fishing pole and reached out to Jersey Jerry. He did not have a fishing pole, but he was able to come over and climb through the pizza window. Jersey Jerry was an absolute lifesaver recovering my keys. 

I got the starting lineups to the new place and thought about going to Wendy's, but the drive-thru line was stretched halfway down the block when I got there. How does this happen? I guess I'll settle for Burger King; there is no line there. 

So here I sit. More to move today, a trip to Miami on the weekend. I was planning on seeing two games; instead, I will just watch the one on Sunday. They suck anyway, so it will be fun to do some content down there and come back next Wednesday to finish off the big move. If you know a good mover, I am still taking bids.