We're At The Point Where Noted Cowboys And Browns Fan (Plus Awful Basketball GM) LeBron James Is Now Trying To 'Save' Odell Beckham

Hahahahahah here we go. LeBron, one of the worst GM's in basketball history, is now trying to make football moves. What can go wrong? Then again I had to remember if LeBron is a Browns fan again or a Cowboys fan or maybe a Rams fan again. 

Remember this is the guy who turned down Buddy Hield for his friends. This is the guy who refuses to be on a better team because he thinks he knows how to make the correct move. Little bit of a hint here. He doesn't. He's one of the worst GM's we've ever seen in basketball. He fires coaches, he brings in someone he can run over and then moves to another franchise and does it all over again. 

You know, I can't think of two people made for each other more than LeBron and Odell. It's never their fault. They don't come through? It's someone else's fault. The blame goes to Baker or Eli or a kicking net. The blame goes to the coach or Anthony Davis being injured or lack of shooting. They are two egomaniacs who should be next to each other at all times. I wouldn't be surprised if Odell sent out a group text to some people to get news out that it's the Browns fault. Free him. 

We already know Odell's dad had to chime in. 

I have a tons of friends from Cleveland who are Browns fans. Let me say, it's really helping take the sting off of knowing Jason Garrett and Dave Gettleman are still with the Giants. Getting multiple messages at the same time 'the fucking Browns' from them has put a smile on my face. It warms my heart knowing that even when everything seems to be turning for the Browns they are still … the Browns. You can't teach an old dog a new trick. The Browns will always get in their way and LeBron/Odell will always be insufferable.