Zach Wilson Is Already A Proven Leader As He Continues To Coach Up Mike White From His Couch

Zach is being the ultimate team guy right now. I mean it has to be pretty demoralizing to see a guy do the job you were supposed to 10x better. I think this does reflect the idea that the team knows that he is a work in progress and that Mike White will lead the way until Zach is ready. Zach texting Mike White every play he did well was pretty supportive. The Jets have proven they are willing to continue to develop Wilson as they have hired his QB coach to the staff in order to invest in his progress.

I think with more time and Mike White taking the reigns for a while, Zach Wilson can develop and prosper in the future. If Mike White plays decently for the rest of the season he has guaranteed himself backup contracts for the next decade. 

Thursday night will be very revealing of many aspects of how this will all develop. Sam Ehlinger is officially QB2 on the Colts so it is possible we get a Sam Ehlinger vs Mike White duel.