The Channel 5 News Utah Rap Festival Video is Internet Crack

The title says it all. Channel 5 news is crack. The people in it are crack, the events are crack, the editing is crack, and the drug of choice of the stars, is likely crack. Every video Andrew puts out shines a light on a genre of humans I previously didn't even know were possible. It's as if the subjects of his videos are generated by an artificial intelligence whose only mission is to create chaos. These people aren't real. They can't be. They all remind me of GTA characters that somehow have managed to crawl out of a server and are now walking, breathing NPC's. Every person at this festival is capable of causing the apocalypse if they could secure the funding. This entire festival is a villain origin story. I don't know how the Mormon church reacts to this, but if I am them, I am scared shitless. I don't even think Jesus would want this smoke. If asked to come down from heaven to do some PR work with Utah I think he says "Nah i'm good. I'll stay in heaven and wait for the next round of humans to spawn and hopefully they play on a lower difficulty."

But despite how barbaric this looks, I think the best part of Andrew's videos is that he just allows people to speak. He doesn't judge, he doesn't criticize, he just gives them the mic and lets them speak their mind. At times it seems as if Andrew is the first person who has ever let them speak for more than three sentences in a row. One dude literally forgot his own name. But the point is, he validates them and because of that you are able to develop empathy towards to a group of people you typically would clutch your pearls around. 

Shoutout Channel 5, shout out V LONE THUGS.