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Best Rivalry In Sports - FC Twente Fan Sees Another Guy Go Viral For Carrying 48 Beers, One Ups Him And Hauls 64 Beers In The Stands

Close your eyes and think of the best rivalries in sports. Sox/Yanks, Kentucky/Louisville, Duke/UNC, Alabama/Auburn, Jersey Jerry/Nadu. And now this. FC Twente fans simply can't stop carrying loads of beer in the stands. I love it. I never thought I'd be jealous of the Dutch, but here we are. The fact they can buy more than two beers at a time. The fact they have pals that will go and carry all this beer at once for you? That's the sort of thing we can get behind. I still love the first guy - Christiaan Roetgering - who went viral and made sure to announce 48 beers wasn't a record.

"But it's not a record - my friend Jochen has managed in the past to carry 50 beers in one go.

Well old Jochen has to step his game up now. We have picture of this unnamed guy going 64 beers at once. Give me that guy in my crew any day of the week. You're sitting there getting ready to watch your beloved FC Twente. Your pal offers to go get the beers because it's his turn. You start doing the math in your head about when you have to get up during the match to go make the run. Not with Jochen around. Not with Christiaan around. Not with this unnamed guy around. They supply beer for the entire time - or at least for the first half. Would you want to miss this? 

I've said it before, but having to get up during any game is the worst. You get anxious about missing something big. You have to wait in the line and try to time it all up perfectly. It rarely works out. You typically end up in the middle of a rush because half of the stadium is doing the same thing as you. But this is taking it to a new level. This is one-upping bringing all the groceries in one turn. The poise it takes to carry 64 beers and not spill one or take a weird step and lose them all? That's athleticism. That's what we should be celebrating.