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Professional Instagram Basketball Player Maxisnicee Got Robbed At Gunpoint For His Jewelry, Said LOS ANGELES “Aint What It Used To Be”

Getting robbed, having a gun put in your face, any type of legitimate after hours altercation can and will rattle you. I don’t care who you are. I know everyone on the internet is John Wick and would have simply caught the bullets and thrown them back through their attackers’ skulls, but in the real world that is not quite how that shit plays out.

It also doesn’t play out anything like how this story was recounted. At all. Armed robbery isn’t a negotiation. This isn’t fucking Pawn Stars. “You want my watch and chain? Best I can do is a $5 footlong and a monetary internet exchange which will lead the police directly to your front door.” Best case scenario that type of haggling gets you pistol whipped and your jewelry still very much taken. Worst case scenario you’re on an airbrushed memorial t-shirt and your jewelry is still very much their’s. Either case the dudes with the weapons are coming out on top. 

And there’s something to be said about taking your Ls in silence. No one alive would have known about this without him running to his phone to run his mouth. I get the adrenaline factor probably didn’t have him thinking clearly in the moment, but you know who doesn’t have your best interests at heart, literally ever? The internet. We do not care about your chain or your watch or your general well being. We are here to make fun of anyone at any time for any reason, and getting robbed and then saying “LA just aint what it used to be” followed up by saying that next time they wont be so lucky? Well that’s just serving it up on a platter for everyone. Shit is not sweet in LA. And it never has been. You think we get all this great art out of Los Angeles because things are going well? People do the same thing with New York. Transplants move from the middle of nowhere with these glorified pictures in their brains of what they imagine LA and NYC to be, exist only in their little bubbles once they get there, and then the second they step outside those bubbles and into the real NY or the real LA and some real NY or LA shit happens they act like the very fabric of society is crumbling beneath their very feet. “Los Angeles is becoming Grand Theft Auto.” No it’s not. Easy marks have been getting robbed since the dawn of time. Steve Francis didn’t get dragged across the club by his chain for people to be acting like no one had ever been robbed for their valuables before.