Scottie Pippen Has Released A Book Trashing Jordan And Phil Jackson Basically In Direct Response To How He Was Portrayed In "The Last Dance"

Pippen, Horace Grant, and many others weren't happy with their edit on "The Last Dance". They made that obvious right away. Pippen is the only one to release a book about it 18 months later though. Always petty. Always looking for a quick pay day. A few quotes with Jordan's name in it should do the trick. Still making money off of MJ...SAD!

Maybe Jordan just didn't like you because, well, you were a dickhead

When Jordan’s father was found murdered in the summer of 1993, Pippen couldn’t find it in his heart to offer his condolences, a decision he still regrets. (James Jordan went missing for three weeks before his body was discovered in a South Carolina creek, so badly decomposed he was tagged a John Doe with his hands and jaw saved for future identification.

Pippen just always complains and blames everyone else. Kukoc got the shot because Phil was racist. Jordan didn't give his teammates enough credit. Pippen didn't get paid enough by Reinsdorf even though Pippen signed the contract. Just no accountability. He always sounds like a jealous child. MICHAEL MICHAEL MICHAEL

“For once it was nice to win something of my own instead of watching Michael walk off with another trophy,”

I don't know why Pippen can't just get over it. You're an all-time great player. People didn't hate you for not being Jordan. But you're not Jordan

“I was done with Phil Jackson,” writes Pippen, believing that the coach had abandoned him. He requested a trade to get away from coaches he didn’t like — and a media he believed disliked him simply because he wasn’t Michael Jordan.

Was Jordan a "good guy". Probably not. Was he a "good teammate"? Well it depends on what your goals are and your definition of being a "good teammate". Jordan was about winning at all costs. There's a reason why he has the strongest brand in the history of sports. There's a reason why he's a billionaire after basketball. There's a reason why he has the 6 rings. Pippen is one of the reasons why Jordan had so much success. However, everyone knows who drove the bus. The reason why Jordan is the greatest and celebrated as such is because he was. That's it. End of discussion. MJ Forever