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Futbol Guy: New Tottenham Manager Antonio Conte Is Already Sleeping At Their Training Facility

[Sun] - He is also said to have slept at Spurs' state-of-the-art training ground last night after jetting in to London to hold talks with Daniel Levy on Monday. And after speaking to his new players Conte is expected to once again stay at the facility tonight.

And Conte is likely to have slept comfortably after Mourinho's glowing review.

He described the lodge by saying: "Huge pillows. Huge pillows. Amazing, you sleep in the middle of five or six huge, soft pillows. Very, very good.

"If you are trying to find a six-star hotel you couldn’t find better than here. Absolutely amazing. Great beds. Expensive duvet. So, so good."

Welp, just like that I'm all the way back in on a top-4 Spurs team. Antonio Conte is a lunatic and I love him, mostly because he's now our lunatic. He's not with Chelsea anymore. He's not with Inter anymore. We couldn't get him in the summer when Nuno was hired, but he now has that 18-month contract. It's more than that though. Conte is a futbol guy. Flying in and immediately sleeping at the training facility? That's what I want to hear. 

Now don't get me wrong, Daniel Levy still sucks. The fact he didn't sign anyone after the run to the Champions League final was a joke. He seems to have completely botched the Harry Kane situation. Or Harry Kane is just sabotaging, one of the two. Levy *apparently* is willing to give Conte a ton of money to use in the transfer windows. Good. He better. It's one thing to say it, one thing to go do it. 

I've blogged about Conte before. The guy is electric. 

Maybe these are the tips Tottenham needs. Who knows? Whatever Nuno was doing wasn't working. That's how you lose in embarrassing fashion more than once. And hey, Conte has been scouting forever already! 

ANTONIO Conte reportedly watched Tottenham's Amazon All or Nothing documentary after nearly joining the club in the summer.

The nine-episode series has given the 52-year-old an idea of how the club is run and the personality of the players following his announcement today.

Resourceful? Check. Outside the box thinking? Bang. Now keep him in the training facility. We need wins. We need 3 points. Whatever it takes. Plus, he says it's nicer than a 6-star hotel. I didn't even know there were 6-star hotels. I've heard of 5-star hotels. But if he likes the duvet, keep him there. Don't let him leave.