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It's Time For The NHL To Move Towards Velcro Skates Before Somebody Gets Seriously Injured By Laces

Hmmmmm....that's odd. I'm going through the scoresheet from last night's Edmonton vs Seattle game and I don't seem to see any holding penalties assessed to Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Interesting because the NHL rulebook specifically states that no player is allowed to restrain or impede their opponent's progress. You tell me is this looks like restraining or impeding at all to you. 

Nuge practically went full D2 on him there. 

At least the movie got it right by giving Dwayne the Cowboy 2 minutes for roping. Nugent-Hopkins got away scot free on this one. And now that he knows he won't be penalized for this reckless behavior, what is to stop Ryan Nugent-Hopkins from just getting the longest skate laces known to man so he can keep lassoing opponents at will? 

The league needs to crack down on this hard. You either A) have to penalize lassoing an opponent with your skate lace as holding, 2) force players to wear velcro skates if they are repeating offenders, or D) make the players smooch when they get their skates caught up like this. Just a little kiss amongst pals. On the lips though. Italian etiquette.