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The Annual Chicago Halloween Police Blotter

(This isn't annual. The St. Patrick's Day one is. But Halloween should be. Nobody does it like Chicago.)

Here's all the mayhem from Halloween 2021 in Chicago.

Happy Halloween from the Rona Destroyer. Our savior.

Halloween was three days away. Jason needed from fresh murder whites.

Things looked bleak on Friday as Honeybee's Party got shut down.

Amateurs… everybody knows you pay a homeless guy to go in for you. Half his pay now, other half later when he delivers the goods.

Now it's a party.

How nice of an umbrella are we talking here?

Don't you fucking hate when that happens? And on Halloween no less? 

Are we living in Gotham? Sure seems like it. Absolute anarchy.

It's Halloween people. Act like you've been there before. Costume change. Ever heard of it?

See above.

THEE worst.

This sounds like the movie "The Strangers". Absolute nightmare fuel.

Sounds like another movie.

Give these scumbags the electric chair. 

West Ridge knows how to party

This one was wild. Luckily the guy survived thanks to his bike helmet.

Google what does "19-paul" mean in police speak? 

Answer: a job was handled

By "asthma machine" do you mean inhaler?

Let he who's never thrown an egg cast the first stone.

Imagine being neighbors with this lady?

He pooped his pants and is trying to figure out his next move. Give him a break lady.


Sometimes you have to just let the picture do the talking.