Assemble The Troops: Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Tonight's Stool Streams LXXIII, Live at 7:45 PM ET

Welcome back to another chapter of Stool Streams presented by High Noon Hard Seltzer. Rock, Paper, Scissors returns to primetime tonight, and the Progressive Jackpot resets to $500 after a Stoolie with the username "Brownie32" successfully went 6-for-6 on their picks to secure the $1,000 prize.

As for this week, we have three awesome matches ready to go, including three rookies making their highly anticipated debuts inside Stool Streams Stadium. Here are the rules for each match, followed by a preview of tonight's triple-header:

- Each match will be best 2-out-of-3 sets, first to 7 wins (no win by 2)

- Players must say "Rock, Paper, Scissors" out loud and keep their throw under the table at all times

- Players must maintain eye contact throughout the duration of each throw

- Each player has one timeout per match

Match 1 - Feitelberg (1-1) vs. Rudy (0-1)

Storylines: Our opening match on this Thursday night features a pair of guys who are desk neighbors. Rudy and Feitelberg will open up the broadcast trending in opposite directions inside the Triple S. Rudy lost his first career match against Frank The Tank and searches for his first win against Feits, who rebounded nicely with a convincing victory against Kelly Keegs after a record-breaking loss to Vibbs.

Match 2 - Kate (0-0) vs. Chaps (0-0)

Storylines: Zero Blog Thirty. Stool Streams Stadium. Collision Course. Both Chaps and Kate are playing in Rock, Paper, Scissors for the first time, but Kate has plenty of experience in other events inside the Triple S. As for Chaps, it'll be his first EVER appearance under the bright lights of Stool Streams Stadium. These two competitors know each other inside and out, and I'm fascinated to see how the mind games come into play throughout this match.

Match 3 - Billy Football (0-2) vs. Tiko Texas (0-0)

Storylines: Billy Football is one of just two people to currently have an 0-2 record (Smitty). In order to avoid being the only one to be 0-3, the former quarterback will have to take down Tiko Texas, who will be making her Stool Streams career debut. I can't think of many things that these two have in common, which truly opens the door for anything to happen at any point during this main event.