Keanu Reeves: Confirmed Still An Awesome Human Being After He Was Caught On Video Helping Crew Members Move Equipment On The Set Of John Wick 4

There are very few things that bum me out more than finding out a big celebrity is a huge piece of shit behind the scenes as they live a life people would kill for. However, Keanu Reeves continues to be someone that keeps life perfectly balanced as all things should be with videos like the one above, stories like the one below, or countless other tales throughout the years.

My soul isn't jaded enough to think that carrying a couple of things or spending thousands of your millions makes Keanu Reeves a real life superhero. But there are plenty of people in those Hollywood Hills that don't deserve anywhere near the life they have and some of of them won't even let people not featured on their latest movie poster look them in the eys on set. However based on everything we've heard about Keanu Reeves, I'm not sure anybody on the planet deserves to be blessed with being The Man They Call Baba Yaga and Neo along with all the box office money that comes with starring in those money-making, sequel machine franchises not to mention whatever role he inevitably graces/crushes in the MCU. 

Now since this is the internet where no good deed goes unpunished or opens up an endless debate, there will be people arguing about if this was a union set as well as the potential pitfalls of a non-union member lending a hand. But I am just going to smile over a confirmed good person appearing to lend a hand when it was needed and if that video or this gif can't make you smile, your soul is dead (Which I'm sure is a common ailment for many of the people that read and/or write for Barstool).

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