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With Derrick Henry Sidelined for 6-10 Weeks The Titans Are Signing Adrian Peterson

Well there you have it. With the news that Derrick Henry is having foot surgery Tuesday morning and would likely be out anywhere between 6 and 10 weeks the Titans went out and signed Adrian Peterson. Is he the same AP we grew up with? No way. Not even close. Can we still produce and provide some bully ball in between the tackles? Maybe? He’s signed to the practice squad and will eventually be elevated to the main roster. With the trade deadline being tomorrow you don’t have much time to work things out, now I still think they may make one, but it seems like they at least want Peterson to be the backup plan. He’s 36 but apparently has stayed in good shape, lets see what he can do. 

It’ll likely be Peterson and Jeremy McNichols as the main guys in the backfield while Henry tries to work his way back. The Titans offensive line has been pretty solid outside of the first week so who knows, maybe Peterson still has something left in the tank? Maybe the threat of AJ Brown opens it up a little? Plenty of worse options, might as well try the old workhorse to see if he can be the guy for a few weeks. 

ps. Imagine if I had told you 7 years ago that Adrian Peterson and Julio Jones would be on the same team. Scary.