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So It Turns Out Justin Fields Is Actually Pretty Good When You FINALLY GET HIM OUT OF THE POCKET

I don't want to sit here and bitch about a 3rd tier stat line but at the same time that's exactly what I'm going to do. For the first time in what basically feels like forever, Justin Fields was asked to get out of the pocket on designed plays. And how did it turn out? 100% completion with almost all of his yards on the ground. Making the defense read and react to his athleticism is something meatball fans have been begging for since day 1. We thought it was common sense. We figured that's all we'd get to start his career and then it turned out to be the complete opposite. Now we miss Nagy for a single game and there's concrete hard evidence that we need to move Fields around to get him going. 

Funny to think that this is actually a difficult concept for Bears leadership to grasp. It's easy to assume all these guys in decision-making positions are super smart and well reasoned. But truth be told they're actually just as stupid as the rest of us. That's been a harrowing realization in this job as I meet more people and learn more about the sports business. Not just football but pretty much everywhere - people are so much less impressive than you'd expect and assume. It's been an enlightening revelation but I think I'd rather have it the other way. I think the world would be a better place if there was more uniform alignment between the demands of a position and the capability of the people filling it. That would definitely make my Chicago Bears fandom a lot easier even if beggars can't be choosers. 

Truth be told I feel like we're moving into the Danger Zone with Justin Fields's development. These are the kinds of losses and offensive line performances that shatter a man's confidence. This is how you break an individual's spirit. I know Justin Fields is built different but there's only so much somebody can take. 

Hopefully Nagy gets a copy of the statistics this week while recovering from COVID and hopefully he reads & understands it. That would be a huge step to getting Fields out of the pocket and letting him put defenders on roller skates. 

For as broken and shitty as that was, he's still good enough to make plays provided you don't 7-step drop him into a perpetually collapsing pocket. Something to think about heading in to Monday Night Football. We'll have more on all this stuff over the week on Red Line radio. Might even be going out to Pittsburgh to see these changes through myself. Until then: 

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