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Dan Mullen Says He Doesn't Recruit During Football Season, Which May Help Explain Why Florida Sucks

Florida was trounced by No. 1 Georgia on Saturday, losing by a final score of 34-7. The loss dropped the Gators to 4-4 this season and even more shockingly brought UF's record to 2-7 in its last nine games against Power Five opponents. After being in the College Football Playoff hunt well into the 2020 season, the Gators have been in free fall ever since.

And we may have been made privy to a large reason why that is on Monday, when Dan Mullen, for some insane reason, decided to open his mouth and actually say football season is not a time to recruit. I'm sorry, what?

College football coaches have produced some insane quotes over the years, but in terms of abject stupidity, this might be right up there at the top. I truly can't believe he said this.

Does Mullen just stay out of the building on weekends when Florida has a lot of visitors? Most coaches make those games a priority because the experience for recruits, in addition to the on-field product they see, is massive for the future of a program. Football season is quite literally the most important time to be recruiting. It's when the kids you want to play football for you — and just stay with me here, Dan — see your team play football.

I guess when you don't prioritize recruiting for half the year, you get a team that's won two of its last nine against Power Five opponents and a coach whose seat is suddenly heating up. I believe the kids are saying, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."