Petty Wars: A Chinese Millionaire Withdrew $783,000 From a Bank And Had The Staff Count It All After a Security Guard Gave Him a "Terrible Attitude"


A Chinese millionaire said he withdrew his savings and ordered the staff at a Shanghai bank to count his cash by hand after getting into a disagreement with security guards. The man, known only as "Sunwear," wrote on the Weibo social media platform on October 16 that he withdrew about five million renminbi ($783,000) in banknotes from the Bank of Shanghai after receiving the "worst customer service." He wrote that the security guards had a "terrible attitude."

The bank says the massive withdrawal resulted from a disagreement between the customer and a security guard over COVID-19 protocols. According to a statement by the Bank of Shanghai, shared by the Chinese media outlet The Paper, Sunwear wasn't wearing a mask when he approached the branch. A security guard then ordered him to put one on, the statement said.

In a later Weibo post, Sunwear said that he had forgotten to bring his mask, and asked for a spare or a store where he could purchase one. He insisted he didn't refuse to wear a mask and complied with COVID-19 rules.

If there's one thing I love it's a good petty war and boy do we have one brewing in Shanghai. A Chinese millionaire stopped in to do some banking but apparently forgot his mask upon entering the facility. It happens, especially when each store or business has different rules these days. It does look like we have a little bit of a he said/she said in terms of the root of the situation. According to the millionaire man, when stopped by the security guard and told to put on a mash he asked if the bank had a spare or if there was a place nearby where he could buy one. The security guard claims the man refused to put one on from the jump. 

The millionaire described the security guard's attitude as "terrible" and as a result went full petty mode. He withdrew the highest amount of money you could in one day, 5 million yuan ($783,000) and had the bank staff count it all by hand. It took them two hours to get the task done. TWO HOURS OF COUNTING. 

I'm team millionaire here simply because that's such a villainous move to deploy you have to respect it. No way to tell from here if the security guard was being a dick or not, but I choose to not side with the banks out of principle. My only gripe is that he punished the poor bank staff for the security guard's attitude. Doesn't seem exactly fair to me, but I guess they all work under the same roof. Kinda like when you make a big mistake in practice and the coach makes the entire team run suicides until they puke while you watch on the sidelines. 

My favorite part about this? He plans on coming back until all of his money is out of there. What a monster. That's true dedication. 

Sunwear said that he took out the maximum he could withdraw in one day, adding that he plans to take out the rest of his "tens of millions" to transfer to other banks. It is not clear whether he has returned to withdraw the rest of his money.

I will say, maybe not the best idea to make that public knowledge. Anytime this dude is spotted near the bank people are gonna immediately know that a shit ton of cash is about to be loaded into his car. Also wouldn't sleep on the bank teaming up to hire a group of thieves to rob him and get the final laugh. Now we're starting to talk about a little movie plot here. Kinda on the same wave length as horrible bosses but it's just with a stranger no one really knows. That's a free movie idea I just gave away for no reason at all and yet I keep typing about it. Dammit.