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Apparently We Perfected Human Cloning And It Should Be A Way Bigger Story

So this came up on my timeline and I was shocked to see this isn't headline news across every media platform in America. Apparently we just perfected human cloning and people aren't talking about this enough. LeBron James put up a 15-7-8 line last night against the Rockets while also watching the game in the crowd. There have never been two more people who look more similar. We have a few options here. 

1. Human Cloning

Science has been toying around with cloning for years. It seems like the technology could be there to make it happen. It would make sense that the rich and elite get the first crack at it. At 36 and in his 19th NBA season, it makes sense that LeBron could use a clone to play for him on nights where he needs a rest. But you just can't bring your clone to the arena and give him good seats. It's like a player flying out a girl when his wife is court side. Be smarter.  

2. LeBron Has A Secret Twin

Also plausible. It would explain how LeBron has been able to play so much basketball for so many years and still be this good. No better way to handle load management than just having an identical twin play for you. It wasn't LeBron's best night so we have to consider the possibility that the twin played last night and real LeBron is the one in the crowd. 

3. It's Just A Guy That Looks A Lot Like LeBron James And The Picture Is Kind Of Blurry And Zoomed Out So We Don't Have A Great Look At His Actual Face. The Hat, Beard, And Shadow Probably Just Contribute To It But They Definitely Do Still Look A Lot Alike

The most boring of the 3 options. Apparently it's some designer named Patrick Christopher. He's a former NBA player, and his brother Josh is on the Rockets. Very clever fake story, LeBron. Way to throw us all off your scent. How much did you pay Patrick Christopher off to cover for you? 

End of blog!