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Gary Vee Swallowing Every Piece Of Gum He's Ever Chewed Is The Least Surprising Thing Of All Time

This is the least surprising news of all time but it's still over-the-top ridiculous Gary Vee in his prime.

Objectively speaking, this statement is hilarious - "From an efficiency standpoint, it's not worth the 1/100th of a second. I just swallow that shit."

Gary...c'mon now. Lastly, the icing on the cake is the caption saying, "Myth: gum does not stay in your stomach for 7 years." Thank you for the science lesson, Gary Vee. 

It's extraordinarily impressive how on brand Gary Vee is able to remain at all times.

Say what you want about Gary Vee but the dude knows content and grinds his ass off. He's a part owner of the Call of Duty Professional Team Minnesota Røkkr and you can see his influence within the brand as they've grown substantially from (3) words - content, content, content.

They also had one of the craziest comebacks in professional gaming history, some of the sickest jerseys and we've done some content with their players.