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'Rush Hour', 'The Prestige', and Everything Else Coming To Hulu This Month

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I, Tonya - TODAY

This movie is everything I wanted from it an more. Great drama, some hysterical scenes like the one above, phenomenal music and stellar performances across the board. I only really knew the Harding incident on a surface level, and this movie gets into the bizarre leadup and aftermath that may blow your mind. 

The Rush Hour Trilogy - TODAY

These movies are just so damn pleasant to watch. There is a simple joy to watching any buddy comedy, but the humor combined with the awesome stunts of Jackie Chan elevate these movies above a lot of their contemporaries. Plus, this blooper reel always kills me.

The Prestige - TODAY

A fantastic Christopher Nolan movie that doesn't get nearly as much love as the movies he made after it. I don't like magicians, I'm not overly fond of the turn-of-the-century time period, but this movie fucks. Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman are incredible and this has a ton of great twists and turns.

TODAY: The Babysitter, The Beach, Black Dynamite, Borat, Boys Don't Cry, Boyz N' The Hood, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Fargo, The Fifth Element, The Fighter, The Fly, I Tonya, Inception, Killers, The Matrix Trilogy, Michael Clayton, Minority Report, Moneyball, Never Been Kissed, The Outsider, The Prestige, The Rush Hour Trilogy, Sleapless in Seattle, The Soloist, Sweeney Todd, That Thing You Do!, True Grit, Universal Solider, XxX, Yes Man

Nov 2nd: Prospect

Nov 7th: Pain & Gain

Nov 15th: Boss Baby 2, Deadpool, Deadpool 2

Nov 16th: The Master

Nov 26th: Pig


Nov 8th: Angels & Demons, The Davinci Code

Nov 30th: Crazy Heart, Crimson tide, Edward Sissorhands, Magic Mike, Office Space, Tears of the Sun, Toy Soldiers, the Untouchables, Volcano