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Stop The Search, I Have Found My Christmas Gift

Some of the only texts KFC responds to of mine involve 3 topics: 

A - The New York Mets

2 - The New York Knicks 

D- Home Alone 

That last one is the one that (sans the first few games of the Knicks season) brings us the most happiness. There's something special about two over the hill adults bonding about a movie that came out over 30 years ago yet still makes us laugh. In terms of holiday traditions, I'll put a full Home Alone watch during Christmas season right up there with fighting over parking, asking "whose kids are these?" when opening a Christmas card, eating mall food court Chinese food to refuel myself while shopping, and awkward handshakes at Christmas Eve mass in terms of some of my favorite holiday pastimes. 

So I'm sure you can understand my excitement when I saw Lego dropping a 4000 piece Home Alone set custom with all the traps, characters, and sets from the movie. In fact I've already ordered my set. Now a few things to remember here ... 

A- I have never, even as a kid put together complex Legos. Probably because ... 

2- I have no patience. 

D- With all that said, I think much like the leg lamp in A Christmas Story (trash movie btw), there's something heartwarming about a tacky Christmas decoration you put out every year that your significant other hates but you love. I cannot wait to spend 8 hours cursing at this set for the eventual payoff of tossing the bricks down at Marv and Harry, and sending Kevin across the attic to the treehouse once or twice a year as my reward. 

For a detailed look check this out : 

Bonus : 

Top 5 Christmas Movies for my money 

1- It's A Wonderful Life

2- Home Alone 

3- Bad Santa

4- Jingle All The Way

5- Home Alone 2 

12,592 - A Christmas Story