In A Decision That Surely Won't Destroy The Locker Room, Ron Rivera Isn't Giving The Washington Football Team A Bye Week


He wants to...send a message?



Ron Rivera really thinks it's still 1985. He probably uses the words "smash mouth football" un-ironically. He thinks you can plug in any ol' QB and win the dang football game. And now he wants to "send a message" to the team by taking away their bye week? Yeah, I'm sure that'll work. My question is- why wait until week 8 to "send a message"? What have they been doing in practice since the off-season that allllll of a sudden can be fixed by taking away their bye week? That's why this will never, ever work. The players know the coaching staff is trash. Sure, make them practice during their 1 week off (which btw, I am shocked the NFLPA allows), that'll do the trick. 

Will practicing during the bye week make Ron Rivera not cut Dustin Hopkins to bring in a guy who has had 3 of his 5 kicks blocked? Will practicing during the bye week make Jack Del Rio not drop Chase Young into coverage for god knows what reason? Certainly practicing during the bye week will heal the injuries. Practicing on injuries is a double negative, everyone knows that. Besides, they can always just rub some dirt on it.

I'm not saying the WFT doesn't need more practice. I mean the whole team is garbage. But if by week 8 you are still saying THIS:


Then I think you're permanently lost. They haven't been able to find themselves for 30 years, my guy. 



Can't wait to see who doesn't show up to practice on Wednesday. Fuck Dan Snyder forever. Go Caps. And Wizards.