It Appears As If Derrick Henry May Be Out For The Year With A Foot Injury. Don’t Call. Don't Text.

Take me now. Just take me. This can’t be how it ends, it just can’t. We were supposed to have an all time great rushing season from Henry, on pace for another 2,000 yard season and now I get slapped in the face with this. He went out early in the Colts game yesterday and they showed him looking at his foot with the trainers, he laced it back up and played the rest of the game. You could tell he didn’t look right, didn’t have the burst of speed and now we know why. It was suspicious when he didn’t speak to the media last night and some Titans beat reporters started speculating the injury may be pretty bad.

Now we sit here and wait for MRI results back that for sure won’t bring good news. This sucks man, the guy is a TANK and never gets hurt. He’s the one doing the hurt on others. And for a historic season to possibly end because of a foot injury, thats a toughy. 

Running the ball is the Titans whole identity, without a power back like him it’s going to change the whole offense. 6-2 and the top team in the AFC and now the best offensive player in football is done. Don’t call. Don’t text. No dishes, nothing. Damnit man.