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High School Econ Teachers Across America Need To Use The Browns Wide Receiver Room To Explain Cost/Benefit Analysis

Here's some stats for you guys from yesterday's game:

Odell Beckham - 1 catch, 6 yards

Jarvis Landry - 3 drops, 1 fumble lost

Hollywood Higgins - 1 false start on a 3rd and 11 late in the 4th quarter

Here's some stats for you guys from the season thus far:

Odell Beckham - 17 catches, 232 yards, 0 touchdowns

Jarvis Landry - 16 catches, 182 yards, 0 touchdowns

Total touchdowns by Browns wide receivers: 3 

Here's some Odell Beckham rankings from this season:

- 150th in receptions per target

- 138th in receptions per route run

- 136th in yards after the catch per reception

- 31st in drop rate

- #1 ranked softest, most over-hyped receiver, because this was 100% a catchable ball yesterday and he completely alligator armed it

Make a play, playmaker. An elite receiver makes a better attempt to catch that ball. And I hate to be the old man yelling at a cloud here, but how about we go up with 2 hands? Embarrassing effort in a big moment in the game. 1 catch, 6 yards.

Here are these guys contracts:

Jarvis Landry - 5 years, $75,000,000

Odell Beckham - 5 years, $90,000,000

High school Econ teachers across the country need to use the Browns receiving room to teach cost/benefit analysis. Cost: $34,000,000 this year. Benefit: NONE.

Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry, Ohio's Tate, and Abraham Lincoln all have the same amount of touchdowns this season.