Leave Carson Wentz Alone! He's Trying His Hardest

Andy Lyons. Getty Images.

Carson Wentz had built up a little reputation for himself in Philadelphia as a guy who is a pretty terrible decision maker and gets himself into some costly turnover trouble when he holds on to the ball for too long. Slicked back hair, white bathing suit, sloppy steaks, white couch. He used to be a real piece of shit. 

But people can change. 

Sure, he USED to be a piece of shit. But he's not anymore. Which is why I'm really worried about Tedy Bruschi. Because apparently he thinks Carson Wentz is still that same quarterback who always tries to force a play that's not there, makes reckless decisions instead of hitting the safe checkdown, and has zero regard for keeping possession of the ball in key moments. 


You think the Indianapolis Colts give a rat's ass that Tedy Bruschi thinks Carson Wentz is going to do something stupid that the Titans' defense will take advantage of? Not a chance. Not a damn cha….

Ahhh shit. There goes Carson doing exactly what Tedy said he was going to do. Holds on to the ball too long, tries to force a play that isn't there, left-handed pick six, down a touchdown with under 2 minutes to go. 

Okay well no big deal. Because noted galaxy brain haver Emmanuel Acho had a signature galaxy brain take about this play. 

Ah yes. That's the quick thinking Carson Wentz we all know and love. The kind of guy who is able to do the math in his head that quickly that the pick 6 is actually the right move here as opposed to taking the safety. So he consciously puts the ball in his left hand and consciously lobs one up with enough touch that he knows a Tennessee defender will have to catch it instead of just letting it hit the ground for an intentional grounding for a safety. Aside from the fact that if he was thinking that quickly, the right move would have been to just try to peg Hines with the ball, that's the perfect play. And it perfectly set up Carson Wentz to drive down the field to send the game to overtime. 


Couldn't do that if he just took the safety, now could he? That's what I thought. So no harm, no foul on that pick six. And all it did was give Carson Wentz the opportunity to lead his team to a signature overtime game winning drii……

1st down, eyes glued downfield, looking to make a reckless 30-yard play into double coverage. People can change…

Okay. So maybe Tedy was right. But still. 

As a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles men's professional football team, I am the most qualified person on the internet to talk about Carson Wentz. And what I can tell you right now is that he's trying his hardest. All you can really ask from the guy. As long as he's out there trying hard and having fun, isn't that what the game is all about? The last thing the Colts would ever want to do is to bench a guy for trying hard. And if you're going to bench him, at least wait until he plays 75% of the snaps this season. Who cares if some terrible decisions directly lead to a heartbreaking loss? It's not about wins and losses. It's about having fun and giving the Eagles the highest possible 1st round pick they can get out of you this season. 


Go Birds.