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The Sportscenter Instagram Account Has Gone Over A Week Without Posting Something About THE WORLD SERIES

They’re the World Wide Leader for a reason baby! If you looked at Sportscenters' Instagram page with over 26 million followers you would have no idea that the World Series was even on. No mention of it since the post above…on October 23rd. Kind of insane if you ask me that they aren’t pushing anything about baseball. I get it, it’s slow paced, it’s football season. It’s still the fucking World Series with one of the most hated teams of all time in it. Post something! It’s been over 115 posts and nada.

It’s insane, you would have no clue we’re headed to Game 6 after Houston rallied to avoid the series loss. If you were going by just their page you’d have thought the Dodgers got eliminated and nothing else has happened. But don’t worry, LeBron’s Halloween costume is on there, Jake Paul is on there, JJ Redick is on there, IMAN SHUMPERT is on there for Dancing With The Stars. Nothing announcing the series was starting or when the Braves went up big, in fact the only baseball thing they’ve posted since then was Freddie Freeman trick or treating a few years ago and seeing a kid dressed as him.

Baseball has the flashy stars to put out there, but the four letter company doesn’t seem to care. No mention of the World Series is just nuts. I almost respect how much they’re ignoring baseball. I shouldn’t be surprised by it either, why would they post about something like the World Series? Very bold strategy.