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Albert Pujols Hits A ROCKET For A Walk-Off Hit In His First LIDOM Winter League Game And We Got An All Time Celebration Out Of It

You thought just because the Dodgers were eliminated that Albert Pujols was done playing baseball for the year? You were mistaken. While your favorite player is golfing or dressing up for Halloween, Albert is still out here playing the game he loves and hitting absolute screamers for walk off hits in the Liga de Béisbol Profesional de la República Dominicana Inc during some Winter ball. He's a free agent but we all know retirement is on his mind. He turns 42 in January but he's only 21 homers away from 700. You have to think he wants to make one last run at it in the bigs right? We all know these Winter ball homers don't count so he's just going to have some fun with it and play in a league he said he's always wanted to play in. Pujols signed with the Leones del Escogido a few days back and immediately had an impact on the game. 

His VERY FIRST game for the Leones he ropes this one for a base hit. We all know Pujols is a speed demon so naturally he races down to first, ball gets away and Pujols is safe. Just as we all thought, an infield single for a walk-off. He gets MOBBED and it's a full on party on the field. Team's going nuts, fans going nuts, looks like an awesome time. Just look at him running, it hurts me to watch that. But the fact that he is absolutely busting his ass and running as fast as he can in a WINTER LEAGUE game on a dribbler to third, that says a lot about him. You don't see guys running that hard in the playoffs! He's doing it in the Dominican League!

Think the team was excited for the win? Look at the celly in the clubhouse! Quite the scene. They even gave him the Undertaker treatment! Guy is living the life down there being a legend and hitting walk-offs. Long live Albert Pujols.