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The Best Of My Kid's Halloween Candy: 2021 Edition

My kid went to sleep and my favorite team lost, so I decided to emotionally eat to fill the void left from not being able to eat a W (shoutout Jameis - I hope you're ok). I went through a bunch of hot items from this year's trick-or-treat and decided to score them, pizza score scale. 

I feel like I've only ever eaten a Baby Ruth between October 31st and like November 20th.

I wish this woulda been better. Love a good seasonal treat. But this ain't it.

I wish I could eat 100 of these and not get sloppy looking.

These are so dang good. Very rare to be given out during Halloween. Automatic pick up if it's in the bowl. I'll override my kid's choice and say "oh you like this one!" knowing full well I'm going to it it myself later.

Snickers is solid, but not spectacular. Having it in the same grouping as Baby Ruth and this next candy really put that into perspective.

Do they have Milky Way Ice Cream bars? If so, must buy next summer.

Avoid this at all costs.

Gimmicky, but still good.

It's nice to see a seasonal themed candy that actually works. Well done!

Butterscotch is the GOAT. Here are the final standings:

Any other candy I maybe haven't gotten to but must try? Let me know in the comments or on twitter.