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Steve Buscemi Passed Out Candy Dressed As "How Do You, Fellow Kids" Steve Buscemi


That right there, that's a good Halloween costume right there. What if Steve Buscemi becomes our new national treasure? Like a less annoying Bill Murray? Remember when every single time Bill Murray did anything people would cream their pants and act like Bill Murray was this one in a trillion savior of the human race? All he was doing was taking pictures with people and it would be like "oh my god we don't deserve Bill Murray!!!!". Like, what? It was similar to how the internet made bacon into the 1849 gold rush. Yeah, bacon is good, but let's stop acting like sticking it up your ass will cure cancer for goodness sake.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, Steve Buscemi. Pretty great costume. Many are saying he "won Halloween". Personally, I hate the phrase "won Halloween" because it's played out and everyone knows who already won Halloween according to Tommy Smokes



Well now that I posted that link I don't even need to type more words down here. For the 7 of you still here, god bless ya. Hope you all had a great Halloween weekend. Personally I didn't get into too much. Got a lot of sleep. Been using 3Chi a lot, it helps a ton. Really can't recommend it more. Use code ACES at checkout. Honestly taking it every night has changed my life for the better. If you're stuck in a rut, get anxious at night, trouble falling asleep/turning off your brain, give it a shot, I swear by it.