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Bucs Have Nightmarish Finish In NOLA On Halloween

Things were so promising going into America's Game of the Week in New Orleans. JPP looked spooky as heck the Cardinals lost and the Bucs could tie for 1st in the NFC for the ever-important home field advantage with a win over the Jameis Winston led Saints. 

Tampa Bay even got off to a fast start with an early TD to Chris Godwin

But the Saints came roaring back and took a 16-7 lead going into halftime with the help of a few questionable calls on the Bucs. The lead ballooned to 23-7 when my main man scored a touchdown.

Which led to this, which the Buccaneers official twitter account decided to bump (which was a pretty cool moment for me personally).

Momentum started to shift and then Mike Evans dispelled any notion that Marshon Lattimore can get the best of him with this tudder.

After a Saints FG to push the lead to five, the Bucs answered right back with a deep ball to Cyril Grayson Jr. who was just promoted from the practice squad.

But with just under six minutes to go, the Saints sustained a drive to go up by two. The Bucs got the ball with a ton of time left, but then the screws came out on this play.

The Bucs didn't do a good job on defense tonight going against Jameis Winston and Trevor Siemian. They also were very undisciplined committing 11 penalties for 99 yards (albeit some very questionable) to the Saints 2 for 10 yards. Tampa Bay heads into their bye week needing to get rested and healthy and with a need to clean up their play. Hopefully this can act like the Bears game last year and they get right. In the meantime, congrats to the Saints on a game well played. They deserved to win today.

That being said, Mintzy - I will remember this.