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The Chargers Suck Again!

Ok, they don't actually suck. But they are on a really bad cold streak. 2 games of being dominated on the ground(which was expected) and sputtering on offense (which was not expected). The bye week was meant for adjustment, right? I assumed they had done so by signing Andre Roberts to the return game and getting Hopkins. Roberts was solid enough (23.7 Y/return) and Hopkins nailed a 48 yarder and both extra points. But their defense was still dominated on the ground, and even worse, they were not great verse Mac Jones! This is he same team that held Mahomes, Hill and Kelce to 260 yards of offense in Arrowhead. How do they let Jones, Agholor and Bourne get 218? It blows my mind! 

There are a few glaring issues that still remain after the bye. They still suck in special teams. They can't return and they can't cover after YEARS of letting special teams decide games for them. They still suck at defending the run, even with DT Justin Jones and LB Drue Tranquil back. And Herbert still looks uncomfortable in back to back weeks of the Lombardi scripted offense. I like Lombardi, and I think he has elevated a lot of the offense in ways I didn't know were possible. But it seems like opposing teams have figured it out and there hasn't been any real counter adjustments by him at all. 

If you are a Pats fan, I feel bad for you having to sweat that out. The fact that McDaniels didn't call 75% run plays vs BY FAR the worst run defense in football is beyond me. Either way, congrats. It might not be as convincing a win vs last year, but it felt like domination nonetheless.