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Carson Wentz Is Addicted To Throwing Picks And Gifts The Titans A Win In Overtime

This right here is why we love Carson Wentz. I know he came into the game only having 1 pick on the season but we all knew old Carson would come out to play. This play should have gift wrapped the Titans a W in regulation and it's one of the more insane throws I've ever seen try and be made. I’ve never seen something so Carson Wentz. Bud Dupree picked an awesome time to show up and helped make the play of the game. Cuts down the screen and Wentz just panics. He does his thing where he spins and holds the ball up and then throws it up. It’s like he is always playing a game of “500”. Throw it up and see who comes down with it, this time it was the Titans for a gift wrapped pick 6. Credit to Wentz for then driving the Colts down the field and tying the game with under 30 seconds left, we saw the good Carson and the bad. But this play, so, so bad. It was amazing. He basically put the ball on a tee for Elijah Molden to give him the easiest pick-6 you'll ever see. But Wentz wasn't done there.

Indy was driving in overtime when Wentz delivered another strike right to Kevin Byard. But it's a shame because Byard is on the Titans. He returns it into Colts territory and the Titans got a kick from Fat Randy to win it in OT. 6-2 all thanks to Mr. Wentz. 

You can tell by the Indy mascot that he was not thrilled with Wentz or the Colts today. Everything was going Indy's way. They were up 14-0 on the Titans before you could see the game on RedZone, led 17-14 at halftime, Derrick Henry only had 68 yards on 28 carries, and the Titans had 11 penalties for 161 yards. That game should have been the Colts in a blowout. So all the credit to Vrabel and the Titans for winning a big division game on the road after they repeatedly tried to shoot themselves in the foot. Fat Randy with the winner. 34-31 Titans and they sweep the season series with the Colts. It wasn't a pretty game, but they got it done and now sit atop the AFC at 6-2. Smell ya later, Indy.