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Calvin Ridley Says He's Stepping Away From the Falcons

The Falcons announced prior to Sunday's 19-13 loss to the Panthers that Calvin Ridley would be inactive for the game due to a "personal matter." But during the game, Ridley announced on his Twitter account that he would be taking a leave from the team to focus on his mental health. He did not specify how long that may be.

Obviously nobody wants to speculate on another individual's mental wellbeing and if this is going to help Calvin live a better life, then I hope he gets the time and space he needs to work through whatever he's going through.

I don't know how much else there is to say other than that. It takes courage, especially as a professional athlete with the profile of Ridley's, to say you need a break to figure things out. Good for him for being able to admit that and hopefully he gets all the help he needs and is able to come back at full-strength whenever he's ready.

Get well soon, Rid.