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Aaron Rodgers Grew Out His Hair All This Time Just To Be John Wick And Dominate Halloween

Oh yeah I'm thinking he's back. Aaron Rodgers went all offseason without even thinking about a haircut just to be John Wick for Halloween. Incredible. That my friends is dedication to the craft. In perfect Wick fashion Rodgers suffered immediate loss this season only to rebound and kill everyone else. The team had some fun with Halloween last night after a spectacular win in Arizona on Thursday. Seems only fitting Aaron showed up as the Boogeyman John Wick played by his favorite actor Keanu Reeves. Not sure whose dog that is, but Aaron's enemies best be leaving him alone. 

 He actually fucking nailed this, right Chicago? 

Don't tell anyone, but Rodgers is having fun again. 

P.S. Marcedes Lewis makes a terrifying Bane, my god.