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49ers At Bears - Chris Tabor Is Our Head Coach - Live Blog

David Richard. Shutterstock Images.

I had a dream last night where Chris Tabor took charge of this team so hard that we never saw Matt Nagy again. 

Poof. Nagy was gone, never to be seen again.

(I actually never had the dream, but…can you imagine what that would be like, huh?)

Giphy Images.

Anyways, people have made jokes about it all week, but the truth is alot of Bears fans are so much more upbeat about today because that guy won't be in the stadium. It's completely unrelated to being excited about Tabor, but there's just a feeling of ANYBODY can be better than this moron. Let's hope that's the case and it can actually open the McCaskey's eyes to make a damn change already.

Besides that I'm really lost on this game. According to the Chicago Bears cycle chart (that is all too accurate) we're due for a win:

But, no Khalil Mack is a real problem as the defense functions with him and the boys up front.

I guess gun to head I'll actually say I think the Bears win today. Take it with the smallest grain of salt you've ever seen though.

Bear Down