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NUNO OUT: It's So Bad That Tottenham Fans Are Now Fighting In The Stands Over Whether He Should Be Fired

[Athletic] - Tottenham supporters became so enraged by what they were seeing that some had to be physically restrained by stewards as they argued about whether Nuno should stay. Some reading this might be surprised that there was much of an argument. One fan hopefully asked the journalists in the press box: “Has he been sacked yet, do any of you know?”

This fucking clown. Not the fan, well the fans who fought to support Nuno. But this guy SUCKS. Daniel Levy is a clear problem too, always has been. But Nuno is the worst manager in the Premier League. He doesn't belong here. There's a reason Tottenham had an embarrassing coaching search that lasted months, had a bunch of people back away and landed on Nuno. He never should have been hired and it's showing now. His lineups make no sense. Harry Kane has fully disappeared and just stinks this year. There's no offense. There's NOTHING. 


I really need to know what these fans were arguing in support of him. Probably something stupid like not enough time yet to make a decision. Fuck that. Tottenham should be in the top-4. Give me any sort of manager that has a clue what's going on. Losing 3-0 at home to a lifeless Manchester United team? Come on. Have a little bit of balls and make a play. 

All I know is Daniel Levy is the first one to blame. He's like my British James Dolan. Dude can't get out of the way and just make a single smart decision. He fucked it all up by refusing to pay money then losing Poch, then hiring Jose fucking Mourinho and now this. It's embarrassing. I'm not a fight guy, but I'm all for these fans that actually fought trying to get rid of Nuno. 

Levy out. Nuno out.