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NFL Roundup Week 8 - NFC

Drew Hallowell. Getty Images.

Here's everything that happened around the National Football Conference in Week 8

Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions +3.5

O/U 48.5

Philly got to work early in this one.

There is no way Jared Goff finishes out the season in one piece.

Milton Williams had a game
4 tackles
2 TFLs
1 sack
1 QB hit

Jordan Howard, Chicago missed you.

This one got so ugly they took if off the air… in the 3rd qtr.

Poor Lions fans.

But they missed Detroit getting on the board.

Eagles 44
Lions 6

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons -3
O/U 46.5

Carolina was fucked coming into this one.

Everybody was at the Braves game 

 But on a serious note, we always talk about how important mental health is, and how it's ok to not be ok. Yet when somebody acts on it, like Calvin Ridley did today, it's still clowned on by some. 

Rant over.

Cordarrelle Patterson continues to make shit happen.

Pray for Sammy's receivers. Hospital balls all-day

Pray for Sammy

Pray for Matt Ryan's heavy flow

Stephon Gilmore made an immediate impact. To the Belichick cult members still talking themselves out of this guy, keep scrolling down.

The Panthers D held the Falcons to 131 net passing yards - the fewest of Matt Ryan’s entire career.

Zane Gonzalez kicked four field goals and Hubbard scored on a 6-yard run with 6 1/2 minutes remaining to seal Carolina's 19-13 win over the Atlanta Falcons, snapping a four-game skid for the Panthers.

Panthers 19
Falcons 13

San Fransisco 49ers at Chicago Bears +4
O/U 40

With Matt Nagy out (Covid), this was the Bears chance to right the ship.

Khalil Herbert showed up looking fresh for Halloween

God the Bears looked great early. Came out flying.

But that faded fast. And San Fran turned it up.

What happened to the Bears once great defense?


The Bears are even worse than we thought.

Fun fact - Justin Fields ran for 103 yards and a score, becoming the first Bears QB to rush for 100 yards in a game since Bobby Douglass in 1973.

Giphy Images.

Garoppolo led three touchdown drives in the second half and another possession that ended with a field goal. He scored from the 2 in the third quarter and ran it in from the 5 in the fourth, tossing the ball into the crowd after he lifted San Francisco to a 30-22 lead.

Jimmy is that guy.

49ers 33
Bears 22

Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks -4
O/U 44

Never forget.

DK = Donkey Kong

Geno Smith, yes that Geno Smith, had himself a day.

This is gonna end badly.


Giphy Images.


Smith ran for one score and threw a pair of touchdown passes to DK Metcalf, and the Seahawks thumped the Jacksonville Jaguars

Lawrence finished 32 of 53 for 238 yards, and his ninth interception this season came when he clearly expected Tavon Austin to run a different route.

Jaguars 7
Seahawks 31

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints +4.5
O/U 48.5

Is Tom Brady going to be doing this til he's 50? 

I honestly don't remember ever having the kind of touch he has on the ball today

P.J. Williams intercepted Brady and returned it 40 yards for a touchdown with 1:24 left, helping New Orleans seal an eventful but potentially costly 36-27 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

Oh Tom!

This is a wild stat

Jamies is something else…

Buccaneers 27
Saints 36

Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings -2.5
O/U 51

Hot start for backup QB Cooper Rush today

Fun fact

October 31, 2021 will go down as the day of the backup QB


The Minnesota D is quietly having a season.

What the hell is going on out there?

This Cowboys team looks like a team of destiny this year. Everything breaking their way.

Cooper was unconscious 

The Vikings looked like world-beaters today.

This was heartfelt.

Cowboys 20
Vikings 16