I'm Pretty Sure This Is The Most Athletic Thing a Human Has Ever Done

I mean what the hell was that? Listen, we can't just have people flying in the air like that, we need to have some decorum for society. Two hurdles/giant jumps in the air by the same man on the same play? Certainly cheating in some aspect. My eyes have never seen anything like that. One hurdle where you jump completely over another athlete? Sure, they're freaks, but to do it again to block the pass? My legs would explode in such an instance. I need Isaac Slade-Matautia investigated stat. If he clears that investigation of any wrong doing I need him moved to the top of every draft board in America. You can't teach superhuman athleticism like that. I'm not even sure you're born with it, you just get it in a lab of scientists when they're creating you.  Isaac Slade-Matautia remember the name. Pretty sure the QB will never forget it. Dude had to have shit himself when he saw that monster man jumping over his blocker and then jumping into his pass. Outrageous. 

P.S. This game was nuts. SMU was driving late to try and either tie with a FG or go ahead with a TD. They were going for it on 4th and 2 when Houston called a timeout with a little over 30 seconds left. Out of the timeout they decided to kick and their guy drilled it. The next play? House call, game over. Madness.