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Move Over Al Bundy. Inglewood High School's UCLA Committed QB, Justyn Martin, Scored THIRTEEN Touchdowns In A Game Last NIght

Get familiar with this name. Justyn Martin. 

He's headed to the Pac next year and if Chip Kelly knows whats good for him, we'll see him getting reps early and often. 

Electric doesn't even begin to describe him.

As for last night, if you blank a team in addition to dropping your nuts on them 16 times (there were 3 running touchdowns in addition to Justyn's 13), they're clearly not that talented. 

But spare me the poor sportsmanship complaints.

This other team probably wasn't even mad, they were probably amazed. 

Giphy Images.

Seems like a good kid. Best of luck to him under Chip Kelly. Thoughts and prayers.

Here's his mixtape.

p.s.- here's Al Bundy's