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I Know It’s Saturday in the Fall, but There is Still Hockey

I Know It’s Saturday in the Fall, but There is Still Hockey

When Saturday comes around I like to have a plan. There is so much going on with basically every sport on tv, family time, a few cocktails and there are tickets to cash. There are two games that catch my eye one in the North and one in my old stomping grounds the Steel City.  Both cities are sport crazed and are easy to have a good time in.  Also, the games are at a time where most college football has come to end so you can either press winnings or look for a late winner to replenish the account. 

Red Wings @ Maple Leafs  7:00 p.m

Toronto aka T-dot is a great city that is obsessed with the Leafs as much as Grinnell is obsessed with leg day. Toronto has started slowly and the pressure that Biz put on them to make the playoffs is not helping the situation. I can only imagine what would have happened if they did not pull out the OT win in Chicago. They did and even though all the fans are still dissecting the forecheck it's a win.  Detroit is not a night off anymore the team shows up and plays hard. The Wings beat the Caps in OT and then took undefeated Florida to OT but came up short.  This is a tough stretch of games for the Wings and now have to head North. If they can turn the game into an old Junior B-style game they will have a chance. If they let Toronto play like a Spanish soccer team and pass it everywhere this night could turn ugly.  

Bill Smith. Getty Images.

BEST BET:  Leafs 3-way -167, Marner over 2.5 shots -139, Marner Anytime goal +150

BEST LATE NIGHT FOOD IN TORONTO:  Poutine and it's not even a question, I prefer Harvey’s

BEST HUNGOVER COFFEE IN THE DOT: Do not overthink this one… Find a Tim Hortons and get a large iced coffee. 

Devils @ Penguins: 7:00 p.m.

The Pens have done well this season in terms of the fact they are without their two top centers and two future Hall of Famers. But wait word just in from an EBR source in Pitt at the morning skate, Crosby is back!! There is no chance he doesn’t come back, get 2 points, and lead them to victory. The Pens know they have to win this game at home to keep on track in a very tough division. The Devils have not been on the road at all this season this will be the furthest trip for them which is bonkers. But they are a young squad that plays well and can put it to any team on any night.  I wonder how they will be sleeping in a hotel and eating pregame in a ballroom.  Maybe your new road roomie is a snorer and that can affect your game.  This game is interesting but we are going to find some fun ways to bet on it. 

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BEST BET: Over 1.5 First Period-139, Pens ml -175, Crosby to get 2+ points +205

BEST LATE NIGHT FOOD IN PITT: Primanti bros. Corned beef and cheese… All sandwiches are topped with french fries. Hopefully, Buggsy is there and pays for you and the rest of the line's sandwiches.

BEST HUNGOVER COFFEE IN PITT: The good people of Pittsburgh do not drink coffee on Sundays. They wake up, throw on their Steelers jersey and find the nearest tailgate.

*Bet Responsibly

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