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Joc Pederson's Pearl Necklace Broke, So He's Flying His Jeweler to Atlanta to Get a New One Before Game 4

Do literally whatever it takes to get this jeweler to Truist Park before batting practice. I don't even want to know what would happen to the Braves if Joc Pederson had to play Game 4 of the World Series — and God forbid even more than that — without his pearls.

Ever since Pederson started wearing his pearl necklace for no apparent reason, he's had an OPS over .900 and the fashion choice has become a rallying cry for the Braves fanbase. You can see thousands of pearl necklaces throughout the crowd at Truist Park. Dale Murphy wore a strand when he threw out the first pitch before one of the NLCS games in Atlanta. We need the pearls.

And all of this for what reason, exactly? Simply because Joc is a bad bitch.

This is all to say that Pederson flying his jeweler into Atlanta on a couple hours' notice for another pearl necklace is more than warranted. Kids and adults alike are already at The Battery with pearls dangling around their necks. We need Joc to have his swag for Game 4.

I do find it a bit curious, however, that this happens mere days after Megan Thee Stallion snapped a pearl necklace on camera. Is nobody looking into this?

Regardless of how it happened, I'm glad this situation will be rectified without the pearls having to miss a game. This is obviously too important of a time to let something like this get in our way.