Parenting Hack: Fun Fall Photos For The 'Gram Without The Orchard Crowds or Halloween Hassle

Now, I know what you're thinking... 

"Kate, you're not being real with us... You're making the obligatory Fall orchard trip look way too easy when we know there's so much more to it. 

You didn't show the part where you have to pack diapers, wipes, changing pads & backup blowout outfits, & have milk on the ready, and how are you going to warm it on some farm? And then what if there's a big crowd & you're waiting in a line for a hayride or to put your face in a wooden hole so it looks like you're a farm animal or to see an actual farm animal or to pay for pumpkins and apples or whatnot & your significant other runs to get apple cider donuts to make the wait more tolerable but now you're all getting attacked by fucking bees, and like, the angry Fall kind of bee that's about to die anyway so they've got nothing left to lose, and now you're using your baby as a bee shield even though you're trying not to (you hate bees) and other parents are giving the side eye and now you're all sweating through your matching Target flannels and being passive aggressive to each other and... You see what I mean? You're only showing the good part of your trip."

Buddy, not to rub it in but that's not even the good-est part. The best part of all, and most important reason for even having a baby, is the Instagram photos... and we got those in spades on this trip as well:

You see, the key is to pick an orchard that has specia…. Ope! 

TRICK or treat! That's right, these are not real photos and we didn't even go to an orchard.

In fact, I'm here with the ultimate parenting hack. Do you want to avoid the crowded-Fall-nightmare-spots but still want flawless, seamless photos that show everyone you guys are doing totally fine and look how you're doing activities together and everything is fine even though no one is sleeping ha ha and you could cut the tension with a knife because he still isn't helping clean those bottles ha ha but again everything is fine and we're having a good time even though she won't even let me hold her hand right now ha ha? Then, no free ads, but you need the Mauo Portable Chromakey Green Screen:

Yep. And you can't even tell the difference from real life. 

Coming totally clean, that item above is exactly what we used and full disclosure, we never even left our living room (banana for size reference): 


So save yourself the hassle, keep the football game on, stay in those pajamas and yet still enjoy all those likes on the 'gram. You're welcome & happy Halloween weekend!