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It's Hard To Believe That Once Upon A Time We All Wanted To Buy Nagy A Beef

I feel like this has really gotten lost in the history of Barstool Chicago and it's only appropriate to run it back in Nagy's face. There was a point in time we really loved this guy and the way he brought the 2018 Bears together. NFL Coach of the year. Buying him beefs. Writing songs and making music videos. 

Yes that happened:

Years later I'm baffled with how far he's fallen from grace. This entire city was ready to give it to him wet & hot for a decade+ and now we're cheering for his imminent demise. Strange how that works. 

In other news I think we should get back in the music game. I have a couple chart toppers that would really hit home with the Chicago sports crowd. The Christmas album has serious promise: 

- All I Want For Christmas Is Ditka

- Oh Holy Ditka

- Silent Mike (Ditka)

- Run Ditka Run

- (Ditka) Baby Please Come Home

- Holly Jolly Ditka

- I Saw Mommy Kissing Ditka

- Ditka It's Cold Outside

- It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Super Bowl 20

You guys think I'm joking. Just wait and see. Until then subscribe to our shit. 

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