The Amazon Driver Who Gave That Broad A Throw In The Back Of His Delivery Van Got Fired


This just might’ve brought new meaning to “sex drive.”

A Florida Amazon driver has been sacked after a scantily clad woman was filmed clambering out of the backdoor of his delivery vehicle — sparking speculations as to what transpired within. 

A now-viral video documenting the potentially scandalous incident amassed 11.3 million views on TikTok since it was posted last weekend. 

The 11-second footage, originally uploaded on October 24 by content creator @patrickhook01, shows an Amazon courier opening the backdoor of his van, whereupon a blond woman in a black minidress hops out. 

The clip concludes with the gal pulling a phone out of her skimpy garment as she walks down the street.

Less than a week later, the driver has reportedly been canned for the backdoor scandal.

Here's the video if you're living under a rock and haven't seen it yet:

I have SO many questions about it. Let's start from the top:

1. How in the fuck did this delivery driver pull this girl mid shift like this? I mean he's gotta be miserable. He delivers packages to a bunch of assholes all day, so there's no way he's not, and nobody would blame him for being miserable either. I've worked many miserable jobs and the misery from working said jobs led me to NEVER want to talk to people. I say "people" as in any people at all. Doesn't matter if it's my dad, best friend, or the hottest woman on earth. I don't feel like putting up with any shit from anybody. FUCK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. 

So when this guy - a guy who cannot not be miserable while working - is banging in the back of his delivery van, I NEED to know how he pulled it off. How did he muster up the ability to spit game in the midst of his miserable existence? I need to know how he made that happen so easy. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. Let me pick your brain man. PLEASE! 

2. I'd like this video to make it to Jeff Bezo's desk. I mean, this is a classic case of "this guy had no choice". The odds he was ever gonna stuff in the back of his delivery van are slim to none, but if you can pull it off you're both getting your dick wet and pocking an AWESOME story to tell the fellas. That should make his act 100% permissible and Jeff Bezos should not only give him his job back, but give him a raise as well. If I'm whipping through the neighborhood hand delivering bath linens and dog shit baggies bought in bulk, you bet your ass I'm stuffing in the back of my van if the opportunity arrises. This guy had no choice at all but to follow through on his deed. I would have done it, you would have done it, and Jeff Bezos would have done the same and prolly even made it kinky AF

This is a goddamn tragedy and ol' dick slinger should sue and take his case all the way to the Supreme Court if need be. Simple as that.