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AJ Dillon Is The Ultimate Cheesehead In Skyrim

Around 10 years ago an open-world video game (equivalent to GTA in Game of Thrones) came out. Skyrim revolutionized open-world alternate realities. You can create your own fantasy version of yourself and do whatever you want. You could ransack villages as a gigantic Viking, you could become a professional thief and pickpocket, hunt mammoths, become a werewolf or vampire, or you could collect all the cheese in the entire map the equivalent of 14.3 square miles. 

Skyrim as a concept may be very foreign to older readers, but it is the closest thing to a medieval simulator. People can end up playing the game for hours and still find fun things to do like gather all the cheese in the game in one place. Then stack it and organize it.

AJ has been using his off time to not just play video games, but battle across the map of Skyrim just to steal and hoard all the cheese wheels. One of the most random, but very Green Bay, projects to do in the game.

This new generation of athletes who spend all of their off time gaming is great for coaches and GMs. It's a safe way for athletes to have fun and not end up hurt. They also can get side revenue through streaming. Staying off your feet in his off time and playing video games has been paying off for A.J this season!