Mid Season Fantasy Rankings

Yesterday, Steven Cheah posted his mid season fantasy rankings in this blog for Fantasy Football Factory.

Today I am posting mine with a few observations.

What I Was Right On

We were so high on Cooper Kupp going into the season but not even I believed he would be WR #1! I had him at #12 preseason when most had him in the 20s.

The J’amarr Chase can’t see the NFL ball story in preseason was a gift from above. I have Chase on all my teams. Joe Burrow & Chase have carried 2019 LSU to Sunday’s and the Bengals are on fire!

I am also glad to see Najee Harris having a solid rookie year despite the awful Pittsburgh OL. His receiving ability has paid off.

Where I Was Wrong

Patrick Mahomes has thrown INTs 6 weeks in a row and the Chiefs are struggling. He’s still QB #5 but I did not see this coming.

Jalen Hurts has made me pay for ranking him as 25th QB. I was right that he is not an NFL passer but his rushing prowess has him in the top 7 fantasy QBs. Still curious to see if he gets benched at some point.

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