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Patrick Mahomes Knows He Doesn't Have To Hang Out With His Idiot Brother, Right?


You know when your parents tell you something when you're 5 and you believe it for the rest of your life, or at least until high school when your friends are like "uhhhh...that's fake"? For example, my high school girlfriend's (brag) dad told her if you lick a knife you get cancer. Sort of dramatic, but I see where he was going with that, he didn't want her cutting her tongue open by licking a knife so he made up that lie. She was stunned to find out junior year of high school her dad would lie to her like that. Could not believe it. 

So I'm wondering, did Patrick Mahomes' parents concoct some lie that says he and his idiot brother have to hang out 24/7? I think someone's gotta dig deeper on this theory because nothing else makes sense. My man just wants to eat his chips and salsa in peace and Idiot Brother Jackson sets up his phone and starts Tik Tok'ing right in his face. Does...does Patrick realize he just signed a $500 million contract and can blast Jackson into the Sun if he so desires? It simply doesn't make a lick of sense. And the Chiefs gotta start wondering if through some sort of Osmosis if Jackson's idiocy is rubbing off on Patrick. I mean we are watching him go through the worst slump of his QB career, and who is with him every step of the way? Jackson. Who is causing controversy everywhere he goes? Jackson. Pat has to leave him behind. Put him in a kennel or something until the Chiefs get back on track. Until then, Giants +9.5 is looking pretty juicy this Sunday.