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Congrats On The Sex: Ronaldo Officially Reclaimed The Most Liked Instagram Post By An Athlete

Gotta say something nice about Manchester United since they stink, I guess. Congrats on the sex Ronaldo. 27 million likes because they are having twins. Retook the lead from Messi when he signed with PSG. Just another notch in the Messi vs Ronaldo rivalry. Personally? I go Messi. I enjoy watching him play more. I do get a kick out of Ronaldo losing his mind when a teammate misses him making a run or not making the right pass. But Messi is my guy. Also fuck Manchester United. 

This has been a true back and forth though. Ronaldo keeps cheating in my mind. Before Messi had the most liked post, it was this one from Ronaldo. 

Can't use Maradona! Of course that's going to rack up likes. Now he's using a pregnancy announcement. Cheating. I'm putting my foot down on the ruling. At least Messi was doing something soccer related. That said, the most ridiculous thing in the world is still this fucking egg. 

That annoys me more than I care to admit. Tough break for the attractive people of the Instagram world though. Just going through some favorites recent posts. 

Megan Fox - 1.4 million

Sofia Vergara naked in coffee beans - 986k

Hannah Palmer - 96k

Emily Elizabeth - 124k

Elizabeth Hurley - 192k

Yanet Garcia -373k

You get the point. Anyways, congrats on the sex and record Ronaldo.