LeSean McCoy Is Guzzling Down Racks Of Cash on The Barstool Sports Book

I dont know what it is but there's something that really gets me going when guys who spend a ton of time and had so much success in the NFL stick around and still enjoy the game. It's not in a media way or anything like that. McCoy just likes football. Something about that gets me goin. 

Before I continue, shoutout to our Ad Ops guy Steven Cheah for the blog tip. Steven is a big Bucs fan and loves tweeting about football when he's not slinging ad reads all over the joint. Thanks, Steven. (No it's not weird that he's verified on twitter. All of our Ad Ops guys are verified)

I'm a Texas guy so I cant use the Sports Book yet but fucking hell do I want to. These shareable bet slips make me so damn jealous. Weed and sports betting. That's all I'm asking for, Texas. It's not that hard. We talk about individual liberties all the time. Give me the liberty to smoke my brains out and wager some of my hard earned money on my beloved UTSA Roadrunners or my Jacksonville Jaguars. That's not too much to ask, right? Not in a state that talks about freedom so freely. Just let me L-I-V-E and do some live bets. That's all I'm asking. Let me be Lesean McCoy. I mean, he's not exactly throwing out 250k bets against the Bengals like somebody else but walkin away with 20k in cash after a night is pretty damn good money for anyone that isn't Dave or an all-pro running back. 

I'm sure Lesean would also remind you that betting responsibly is paramount and if you have an issue, you can contact 1-800-gambler. Thanks, LeSean. 

Blog meme with no pictures:

LeSean McCoy     Stu Feiner 


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LeSean and Stu are ready to roll. Ready. To. Roll. with a little more in their bankroll.