RJ Barrett Can't Stop Locking Down NBA Stars And Shutting The Entire World Up Who Said He'd Be A Bust

This is all I need. Well I may have to call a doctor because it's been well over 4 hours of a massive boner, but RJ Barrett's defense has it locked up. The dude is turning into exactly what we want him to be. He has star potential, he's fitting in the system and he's getting better at everything. This year? Oh just a little thing called All-Defense. Don't believe me? That's fine. Let's go to the tape. 

Two games that RJ Barrett has flat out won thanks to his defense. Now listen, end of game offense? Not great! But that'll come. We'll stop going ISO on Randle in the wrong spot. I trust Thibs here to figure it out at some point. If not him, Kenny Payne will do it. Like last night was simple. Keep running that PnR with Mitch and either RJ or Kemba or even Randle. The Bulls STUNK at defending it and we went into clock draining ISO way too early. But it didn't matter. RJ Barrett bailed us out. 


More importantly RJ Barrett is shutting up everyone who was ready to call him a bust. Yeah, Ja is awesome. He went a pick before him. But RJ as the 3rd pick? We couldn't ask for more from him. He's still just 21 years old. He's an important piece for the present and future. You can use him as someone to build around while you search for that true No. 1. That's the beauty of the Knicks right now. Julius Randle is only 26 years old. They were smart with how they went about contracts and not locking up a ton of money for long term and handcuffing themselves. 


That win last night felt fucking good. Sure it was the 5th game of the year, you think I care? Nope. That felt different. All these early wins matter coming against Eastern Conference teams. 

Oh and let's end the blog with another stat that will get all of us a little tight in the pants. 

Bing Bong.